Lynnea is a very strong team player, respectful of all points of view, highly motivated and continuously contributes well thought out ideas. She is a quiet but an effective leader who observes, listens and then speaks. I have full confidence in her leadership and value her high ethical standards.

Mary Jacobi
Retired Manager
Treasury Board Secretariat

Lynnea demonstrates strong analytical skills and her experience in coaching is a definite asset. Lynnea is a strategic thinker and can easily take an idea addressing issues from conception to successful implementation. The best example of this was the survey that Lynnea developed and distributed to all heads of human resources in the federal public service regarding the current and desired state of human resources planning in the Public Service of Canada. The results constituted a major component of the final discussion paper on human resources planning that was submitted to the Deputy Minister Sub-Committee on Staffing and Staffing Recourse.

Dave Flavell
Retired Executive
Treasury Board Secretariat

Lynnea connects with people at all levels in the organization and works naturally to create teams. She communicates extremely effectively and has a direct and positive approach that helps bring consensus to an issue. Lynnea also demonstrates a high level of personal and professional integrity. She is a masterful listener and easily reads group dynamics; she demonstrates her leadership in how to engage and influence towards positive outcomes. Lynnea truly demonstrates leadership by action – she gets right into contributing to moving things forward and she knows how to get the best out of a group of people.

Marie Schingh
Director, Integrated Planning and Support Division
Meteorological Service Canada
Environment Canada

Lynnea is an organization development professional and certified coach of the very highest caliber. I was honored to have partnered with her on several research projects during our graduate studies at Concordia where her rigorous work ethic in service to the task was unparalleled and her creative energy infectious and inspiring.  As a practitioner she has built a strong reputation as builder and a leader; a person who embraces the challenges of large-scale change processes with her unique talent for participative design and facilitation, and her proven ability to masterfully engage and support her clients through their learning and change. Lynnea is a delight to work with and would be an asset to any organization, group or individual.

Tara Shaughnessy
Manager, Graphic Design and Advertising
McGill University

In relation to the devolution of Indian and Northern Affairs Programs from Canada to Government of Yukon, the department owes Karen a debt of gratitude.

Former Regional Director General (Yukon Region)
Federal Government

Karen was a valued member of the Regional Management Team. Karen brought a tremendous energy and commitment to finding solutions to challenging situations and meeting the department’s goals and objective. Karen consistently exceeded expectations in terms of performance. Karen is a delight to work with and a major asset to the department.

Former Regional Director General (BC Region)

Karen is a passionate and active member of our team and various committees. Her actions and contributions were always transparent and fair. Karen is a strong communicator and led her team with openness and honesty, which was appreciated, even during difficult times of transition and change.

Director General
Federal Government

You are going to be truly missed Karen! I can’t imagine having transformed into a single Western Region without your passion and leadership. We are a healthy, well-functioning, innovative Western Region because of your leadership – your legacy that won’t be forgotten. There are some truly amazing initiatives moving forward because of your support and advocacy. Thank you for your inspirational and supportive leadership over the past few years.

Former Staff Member
Federal Government