Professional Services

Tailored change management strategies and activities using participative methods

Working in partnership with the client we can design and lead comprehensive assessments of change needs and organizational readiness; determine appropriate change strategies and activities tailored to each organizational culture; and partner with members in the organization to design and implement specific initiatives, programs and tools that focus on both performance and people to support the desired change. We also provide coaching to leaders responsible for transformation/change efforts

Design and facilitation of large group processes

We are experienced and proficient in numerous techniques that facilitate decision making, conversation and collaboration, planning for the future, team building and teamwork.

Group/team development

We can design and implement processes and tools for supporting the creation and development of high performing groups/teams. Additionally, we can bring an awareness to both groups/teams and managers on the developmental aspects of group process and behavior, how to assess where groups are and what strategies to use to help groups accomplish their tasks and increase performance.

Customized workshop design and delivery

Drawing on the behavioral and social sciences as well as adult learning principles, we can design and deliver engaging workshops that promote reflection and dialogue and maximize learning.

Individual and group coaching

We offer individual coaching as well as help organizations establish coaching circles for subject matter experts or in support of leadership and or management development programs. We can also facilitate the coaching circles or offer training sessions to build coaching circle facilitation capacity internally.

Leadership development and succession management

We can conduct and design leadership needs assessments to ensure robust succession plans are in place in all critical lines of business. We can also work collaboratively with key members of the organization to create high impact action plans to fill gaps and contingency plans to ensure talent is available for growth and succession in all key positions.

Strengthening virtual teams

We can help clients identify their current and future workforce needs to help achieve their business goals. We offer a tested business process in support of this activity and will tailor it as required to support your organizational context.

Competency based management

We can help clients undertake an organizational assessment to ensure a competency based management approach is the appropriate investment. In addition to helping clients develop competencies, we can also work collaboratively with members of the organization to ensure that employees, management, human resources and unions understand how competencies can be applied in all facets of human resources management to ensure a successful return on investment.